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From the "Nirvana Preservation: Save Kurt Cobain's Memorial Bridge" Petition 


Photos Courtesy of the Grays Harbor Conservation District


Aberdeen, Washington, is the birthplace of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Kurt Cobain, the late and legendary founder of the highly influential music group Nirvana.

The City of Aberdeen is considering the demolition of the Young Street Bridge (North Aberdeen Bridge) better known as the "Kurt Cobain Bridge." Since 1991, the bridge has been a destination for fans around the world, famous for inspiring the song "Something in the Way." Additionally, this bridge greatly affects the local economy and residents in Aberdeen. 

Even if Kurt never slept beneath this bridge, he's synonymous with this location, and it's where countless individuals come to remember him. As such, Kurt's Bridge symbolizes the struggles and triumphs of an iconic figure who has touched millions with his music. 

However, this bridge's structural integrity has been questioned, and the town is faced with deciding what to do with it. 

You can read about - and vote on - these proposed ideas here:

This petition only shares possible alternatives for preserving this historical location, even if just as a pedestrian bridge. If this bridge is found to be structurally unsafe, then engineers will make the appropriate decision for the safety and well-being of all who access this location. 

Please sign if you want to see Kurt's bridge saved in one way, shape, or form, safety pending.

If you sign this petition, please tell us why you want to see the bridge preserved. 

Here are some photos of the Grays Harbor Conservation District as they continue to preserve and maintain Kurt's Memorial Park. 

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